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30.6 Acres

The Chappaquiddick Open Space Committee was the engine behind the creation of this preserve.  A unique group of citizen volunteers, it identifies Chappaquiddick properties that are worthy of conservation but are unable, mostly for reasons of cost, to be stand-alone priorities for the land bank ... and then transforms them into priorities by offering to raise funds to help the land bank protect them.  More than $4 million have been donated to the land bank via the committee, some $2.2 of which was donated for Toms Neck.  This represented some 40% of the purchase price but even more propulsion came in the form of volunteer creditors, solicited by the committee, who loaned the land bank another 35% of the total.  Including 8 acres of wild field and surrounding a 5-acre salt pond, the preserve is indeed a stand-alone.  Toms Neck--- a property whose acquisition was as extraordinary as the land itself. 

Uses:nature study, hiking, picknicking, mountain-biking, horse-back riding, dog-walking, hunting (with permission), cross-country skiing, farming, scenic vista



Travel 2.4 miles down the Chappaquiddick Road from the ferry slip, to the first hairpin turn; instead of staying on the paved road and curving to the right, continue straight onto the Dike Road.  Follow the Dike Road 0.4 miles and turn left into the My Toi garden; park here and follow signs to Toms Neck. 


Trail Property/Map

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