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   Hunting Policy and Forms

The 2012 hunting season is upon us, and once again the land bank is pleased to offer hunting on over 1,500 acres of conservation land.  The land bank has re-organized its hunting policy in order to enhance readability and to eliminate redundancy.  Please familiarize yourself with it.  As always, study the hunting maps and conduct field surveys to better understand the property you are hunting.  Also, respect all private property and be aware that during all seasons except "deer shotgun" the properties are open to other public uses.  Below are highlighted two major hunting changes for this coming season:

1.  Ocean View Farm Preserve will be open to limited archery hunting starting this season.  Ocean View is a 20-acre, wooded parcel in Chilmark (land bank map no. 63).  It will be open to three archery hunters per season.  If you want to hunt at Ocean View, please make sure you check the appropriate box on the application.

2.  Tree stand tags will be required.  Starting this October all tree stands will be required to display a tag issued by the land bank in order to be erected on a property.  There is no limit to how many tags can be issued to each hunter; however, every tree stand must have its own tag.  Any untagged stands will be confiscated.  Stands can not be erected before September 15th and must be removed by February 1st of each year.

During the hunting seasons please notify the land bank office of any infraction or breach of policy that you may witness.  It is up to you to help the hunting program thrive and continue to grow.  Please remember to use the "vehicle placard" and complete your survey before handing in your permit application.

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